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Bottle with message from USSR times found in Alaska 

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Bottle with message from USSR times found in Alaska 


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An amazing artifact from the times of the USSR has been discovered in the United States, the Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper writes. A «time capsule» was caught from the water in the Shishmaryov Bay, near the coast of Alaska. It was a sealed bottle of Soviet champagne with a note written in Russian inside.

Alaska resident Tyler Ivanoff found the bottle. He posted a snapshot of the note on the social network and asked the users to help with the translation.

It turns out that the bottle spent half a century in the water, but the note stayed untouched. The paper and the text remained perfectly intact, and it was very easy to read a letter from the sailors of the Sulak fishing base of the Russian fleet from the Far Eastern Shipping Company.

The note is dated June 20, 1969. The author sends a warm greetings to the recipient and asks the finder to report the note to an address in Vladivostok. Sulak fishing base was built on Yokohama in Japan in 1966. In 1992, it was decommissioned.
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