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The students of British prestigious schools use the Soviet textbooks written by physicist Lev Landau, mathematician Andrey Kolmogorov and other Russian scientists. Former British Secretary of State for Education Justine Greening confirmed this in her interview for BBC and called Soviet books “the most genious”, Novye Izvestia informs. The use of Soviet books in the school programs of...

21.01.2019 Subject: Education

Photo: Russian Emigre film festival started accepting applications, the website of Russkiy Put cinema club informs. The 13th Festival will take place in autumn of 2019. Organizers note that festival will select the movies dedicated to the history of World War I, October revolution, Civil...

21.01.2019 Subject: Array

Photo: Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak and Rector of Moscow State Institute of International Relations Anatoly Torkunov discussed the issues of the development of relations in educational sphere between Moscow and Bratislava during the meeting in Slovak capital, TASS informs. Both parties reached the agreement that bilateral interaction in education...

21.01.2019 Subject: Education

DAU feature by Ilya Khrzhanovsky dedicated to Nobel-prize winning Soviet physicist Lev Landau, to be premiered in France on January, 24. The film showcase to be accompanied by Soviet life-style installations. French press call the epic biopic the most intriguing project of this film season, L'Observateur Russe reported. The film is based on the...

21.01.2019 Subject: Culture Famous Russian composer Vladimir Dashkevich celebrated 85th anniversary, TV Channel Kultura reports.  Dashkevich is known as a film composer who wrote music for famous Soviet features such a Sherlock Holmes, Heart of a Dog, Winter Cherry, et cetera.  Apart of film...

21.01.2019 Subject: Culture

Photo: The Consecration of Water on the Theophany by Boris Kustodiev Almost 2.5 million Orthodox believers participated in Epiphany celebrations, RIA Novosti informs. About 9500 different events took place in honor of one of the main oldest Christian holidays along with Easter.  ...

21.01.2019 Subject: Religion

Photo: Andrey/ The first large exhibition of paintings by Russian artists started its work in Macau (China), Russian Art Gallery reported on Facebook. Tretyakov Gallery introduced the masterpieces of pictorial art to local audience. This exposition became the first attempt of collaboration between Macao...

21.01.2019 Subject: Culture

Photo: Hermitage Museum will participate in the exhibition in Louvre Museum in Paris, The Art Newspaper Russia informs. It includes the items collected by Giovanni Pietro Campana, who was the most famous art collectors of 19th century. He was fond of antique sculptures and collected ancient Greek marble, bronze...

19.01.2019 Subject: Culture

Photo: The major cultural event of the Year of the Theater - The Theater Marathon, will start in Vladivostok on January 18, Ministry of Culture website reports.   The Sleeping Beauty ballet by P. Tchaikovsky to be premiered during the opening ceremony evening at the...

18.01.2019 Subject: Culture


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New Publications

Which Russian dessert is in the world top 25, do foreigners like aspic and what, according to a foreigner, is strange about Russian crepes?  Let's talk about the most typical for Russian and atypical for guests from abroad Russian cuisine.
Aviatresses 15.01.2019
For Russian women who pioneered aviation, everything started in 1911. The skies virus used to penetrate their hearts through various paths. In some cases it came along with love. A general’s daughter. A duchess by her husband’s right, who belonged to the Rurik dynasty. A professional actress. A genteel and well educated lady. A princess by birth. An Odessa native with millionaire uncle of Italian origin. And a lady of incomprehensible origin. In the early 20th century such girls and ladies were known as Aviatresses. Though they dubbed themselves as “air wanderesses”.
A large-scale educational event Total Dictation is going to take place on April 13, 2019. Hundreds of thousands of people in Russia and abroad are going to test their literacy. Not everyone knows that Total Dictation has a "younger brother"  - the TruD test. It was created specifically for those who study Russian as a foreign language, bilingual children, their parents and all those who are not yet fluent in Russian. Olga Rebkovets, the head of Total Dictation project, told us about the test and its first results.
Century-old anniversary of writer, publisher, public figure Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was celebrated across the word on December 11. Well-known French translator Anne Coldefy-Faucard with Russian roots dedicated more than 30 years to translation of his novel The Red Wheel. Today she hopes that readers interest in the writer and his novel is to return yet.