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Photo:© Flickr//Jonathan On the eve of the parliamentary elections in Finland took place Russian language debates, IA Sputnik reports. All nine parties representation in the parliament. All nine parties introduced in Parliament have Russian-speaking representatives. There are people from Russian and...

25.03.2019 Subject: Community

Photo: Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called the refusal of Ukrainian authorities to accredit Russian citizens as observers to the presidential elections in Ukraine from the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (OSCE ODIHR) discrimination. In this situation, Russia is forced to renounce sending the observers in Ukraine. Kiev once...

25.03.2019 Subject: Politics

Photo: 700 schoolchildren and students from Russia and various provinces of Vietnam took part in Multifaceted Vietnam. Multifaceted Russia festival. Hanoi branch of Pushkin Institute of Russian Language became the organizer of the cultural event, which was held in the historic quarter of Vietnamese capital, Vietnamese newspaper NhanDan reports. The...

25.03.2019 Subject: Community

Photo: Russian capital hit top 10 cities that have the greatest appeal for tourists from abroad. Moscow took the 10th place. Capitals of Italy, Austria and Greece became the leaders, TASS reports. Barcelona and Paris took the 4th and 5th places. About 2000 people who travel a lot became the survey participants. Respondents were British, German, Italian,...

25.03.2019 Subject: Travel

Photo: Moscow State University, MGIMO, Kazan Federal University and Tyumen State University represent Russian higher education institutions at the largest educational exhibition in South Korea. Korea Study Abroad Fair started in Seoul on March 23, the website of Coordinating Council of Russian Compatriots' Organizations reports. Guests will get...

25.03.2019 Subject: Education

Photo: Days of Russian-Arab friendship are held in Syria, TASS reports. The opening ceremony took place this weekend. Diplomats, parliamentarians, cultural figures, representatives of the authorities and media attended it. Immigrants from Russia living in Syria joined them. ...

25.03.2019 Subject: Culture

Photo: The movie, dedicated to the liberation of ancient city of Palmyra in Syria, will be filmed by Alexei Uchitel’s ROCK studio, Rossiyskaya Gazeta writes. Project of the movie was presented in Cinema Foundation of Russia. According to Alexei Uchitel, the movie is telling about modern Russian army. Screenwriter Arif Aliyev...

22.03.2019 Subject: Community


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New Publications

What is the future of Russian language in Central Asia? This question is still open and the prospects are rather unclear. According to the 1989 census, 80% of the inhabitants of Soviet Union spoke Russian. In 2019, everything changed dramatically. More than half of residents throughout Central Asia (except Kazakhstan) do not speak Russian.
Tatiana Leskova is a great-granddaughter of Nikolai Leskov and the only direct descendant of the great Russian writer. A native of Paris, she has been living in Rio de Janeiro for over 70 years. Tatyana Leskova, an outstanding ballerina and choreographer, stood at the origins of South American ballet; and you can find names of Balanchine, Massine, Fokin, Baronova, Lepeshinskaya and other prominent figures of world ballet on the pages of her memoirs.
The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine** started reviewing the controversial bill “On ensuring functioning of Ukrainian as the state language” in the second reading. Its authors believe that development of Ukrainian language as “original language of the titular nation” to be the main task in effort to strengthen national identity of the Ukrainians and preserve national culture, traditions, customs, and historical memory of the Ukrainian nation. It sounds nicely, but what's there behind the façade? 
This year marks 65th anniversary since Russia joined UNESCO. Before her official visit to Russia, Audrey Azoulay, the Director General of the UNESCO, spoke about priority activities and future of this largest international organization.
For a great while Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy used to praise family happiness, as well as love between husband and wife in his books. The writer believed that a family was the core social unit. It should be the top priority followed by church and the state. Surprisingly enough, the literary genius’s happiness in his family life did not last long. Upon completion of its initial stage, the marriage with Sophia Andreevna shifted to endless quarrels and mutual resentments, which lasted for decades. Nevertheless, they had 13 children; 8 of them lived to see adulthood and left their mark in history. It is the children of Leo Nikolaevich that we want to tell about.