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Unusual interactive lesson in Russian held for Slovak schoolchildren

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Unusual interactive lesson in Russian held for Slovak schoolchildren


On October 14, 2019, the Russian Center of Prešov University was visited by schoolchildren of the Široké Basic School with their Russian language teachers.

An interactive lesson was held for them at the Russian Center, where the attention was paid primarily to synonyms and antonyms among nouns, adjectives and verbs. The students selected synonyms and antonyms for these words, then learned well-known proverbs and sayings related to the use of antonyms, for example, “Learning is light and ignorance is darkness”. They also talked about interlanguage Russian-Slovak homonyms such as: week - Sunday, light - peace and others.

Then the students repeated tongue twisters to improve their articulation and correct pronunciation of words in Russian. The children liked  guessing riddles on various topics and crosswords the most.

Gabriela Turisova, Prešov

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