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Mikhail Zoshchenko turns 125, St. Petersburg celebrates the date

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Mikhail Zoshchenko turns 125, St. Petersburg celebrates the date


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The anniversary of Russian writer Mikhail Zoshchenko will be celebrated in St. Petersburg, TASS reports. Exhibitions, literary readings, creative contests and performances are to mark the 125th anniversary of the writer. The city administration has promised to prepare a rich program.

On, August 10, the day of Zoshchenko’s birthday, the Delights of Culture exhibition will begin to work in the XX Century literary museum. The books from the writer's personal library with his notes on the pages will be exhibited during it.

Zoshchenko Out Loud flash mob will be also timed to the anniversary. Anyone will be able to read an excerpt from the writer’s works in the courtyard of the museum.

The anniversary will be also celebrated in Sestroretsk, where Zoshchenko lived and worked for a long time. The anniversary program will be presented by actors Arthur Smolyaninov and Andrey Shimko in the park, where a monument to the writer is installed. The guests will listen to the music of the middle of the last century and see an exhibition of models with scenes from Zoshchenko’s short stories. The writer’s office will be shown to the public at the local library, where modern technology will help the visitors to plunge into the atmosphere of the classic’s life.

The Baltic House Theater Festival will open a new season next week with the premiere of the play based on Zoshchenko’s works. In early autumn, the Mimigrants clown-mime theater will perform Goat – a sentimental comedy based on the eponymous novel by Zoshchenko. There will be a contest of drawings, crafts and animated films, a contest in reading short stories and a literary and art competition. In October, the Pushkin House organizes a conference to discuss the literary heritage of Zoshchenko.

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