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The Spiritual Journey of Tchaikovsky book presented in Germany

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The Spiritual Journey of Tchaikovsky book presented in Germany


The Spiritual Journey of Tchaikovsky book was presented at the Library of the Tchaikovsky Russian Center in Hamburg on June. The book author is musicologist and senior Research employee of Tchaikovsky State House-Museum Galina Sizko.

The book is dedicated to the most intimate part of the life of the great composer, about juxtaposition of spirituality and religion and his life views. This issue is one of its kind at this point.
Denis Von Meck, the founder of the N.F. Meck Charitable Association presented this book. Nadezhda Von Meck was a friend and supporter of Tchaikovsky during long time. Dynasty of  Von Meck is related with Tchaikovsky family, Nikolay Von Meck was married with Tchaikovsky's niece Anna Davudova. 

Ekaterina Ivanova, Hamburg

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