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Russia takes 22 medals at 2017 World Sambo Championships

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Russia takes 22 medals at 2017 World Sambo Championships


samboworld.ruRussian national team took 22 awards at 2017 World Sambo Championships in Sochi, according to official website of the tournament. Russian sambo wrestlers were by head and shoulders above their rivals and won in 16 weight categories out of 27 possible in total.

At the first day, our team took 9 medals. The brightest victory was a decisive battle between Maria Molchanova from Russia and Anastasia Novikova from Ukraine. Maria won this battle becoming the World Champion for the third time. Tatiana Zenchenko took the second gold of world championships in the category until 72 kg. As for the men’s categories, Vladimir Bykov (until 68 kg) and Sergey Ryabov (until 90 kg) won their first gold medals. Mukhtar Gamzaev (until 57 kg) and Vadim Nemkov (until 100 kg) became world champions for the second time.

At the second day, sportsmen competed for nine awards. Our sambo wrestlers managed to take 7 medals. Julia Vitsinina (52 kg) fell short before the victory, whereas Sayan Khertek (until 57 kg), Aslym Chernoskulov (until 100 kg) in sports sambo and Rustam Taldiev (62 kg) and Denis Goltsov (above 100 kg) lived up to the hopes of their coaches and fans and became world champions.

At the final day of the competitions, the victories of our sportsmen continued. Tatiana Kazenyuk (until 56 kg), Marina Mokhnatkina (until 68 kg), Angela Gasparyan (until 80 kg) refilled the collection of our national team with three golds. In the men’s categories, Daniil Voevodin (until 68 kg), Sergey Kirygin (until 82 kg) and Artem Osypenko (above 100 kg) took golden medals in combat sambo.

2017 Sambo World Championships in Sochi hit all records on attendance and a number of participants (93 countries). It was broadcast over sixteen countries.

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