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Ballet School of Bolshoi Theater in Brazil Turns 15

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Ballet School of Bolshoi Theater in Brazil Turns 15


Photo: EPA
A large gala-concert was held in honor of the 15th anniversary of the Bolshoi Theater School in Joinville, Brazil, TASS reports. The performers included students and graduates of the school as well as soloists of the Bolshoi Theater, including Maria Mishina, Alexander Volchkov, Chinara Alizade and others.

The Bolshoi Theater School in Brazil, the only affiliate school of the Bolshoi Theater, was founded on March 15, 2000. “The Bolshoi Brazil embraces the discipline and level of perfection in applying the Vaganova method in the same way as the one used in Moscow,” the school’s website notes. After eight years of studies the students graduate as professional dancers.  

Currently, around 350 students attend the institution. The students undergo a selection process which is conducted every year in public schools. Anyone from Brazil or abroad is free to participate in the selection, with the number of candidates reaching up to 40 contenders per available slot. Those passing the selection are immediately immersed in a strict routine of 4.5 hours of classes and rehearsals per day, five days a week. 

The classical dance classes only represent a part of the program; several other subjects are included in the course, such as: Character Dance; Contemporary Dance; Popular Historical Dance; Duet and History of Dance; Musical and Rhythmic Education; Brazilian Folklore; Acrobatic Gymnastics; Specific Gymnastics; History of Art; Musical Literature; Piano; Drama; Repertoire and Theater.

“I do not think that any of us present at the birth of the Bolshoi Theatre School in Brazil in March 2000 could have ever imagined that the artistic life of our baby would fly faster than a meteor,” said Vladimir Vasiliev, one of the initiators of the project and Artistic Director of the Bolshoi Theater at the time of the school’s inception.

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