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3 International Russian cinema festival Kinovolna

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3 International Russian cinema festival Kinovolna


Third KinoVolna (FilmWave) Russian Film Festival will take place from 15 till 23 of September in Alicante. The festival agenda consists of new Russian and Spanish movies, short-length films, round tables and creative meetings.

Annual festival KinoVolna in Alicante is organized by Association of Immigrants from Eastern Europe LAD, dealing with development of cultural ties between Russia and Spain, Youth Center of Russia’s Filmmakers’ Union, Debut cinema studio and supported by the Russkiy Mir Foundation, Mosfilm studio and Arfa tourist company.

Festival president is Russia’s Merited Artist, Debut studio general director Boris Tokarev.

Honored guests of the festival are general director of Mosfilm studio Karen Shakhnazarov, chairman of Moscow Russian Filmmakers Union Evgeny Gerasimov, actors Valentin Smirnitsky, Vladimir Dolinsky, Yaroslav Zhalnin, Luidmila Gladunko, Natalia Bondarchuk, Alexander Baluev, Alexander Tyutryumov, singer of TATU music band Lena Katina and director of Youth Center of Russian Filmmakers Dmitry Yakunin.

The gala opening of KinoVolna festival will take place in the Santa Barbara medieval castle on September 15, whereas the closing ceremony will be arranged in casino Mediterraneo on September 23 with announcement of the festival winners.

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