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Photo credit: Participation in the educational session at the Russian International Children's Center Artek helped Vietnamese students to relax and creatively reveal themselves. They gained the skill of performing in public and working in a team, and also... .
Photo credit: Collage by Alina Matlashenko Members of the International Society of Dostoevsky gathered in the United States on Monday, July 15, the website of the Ministry of Culture reports. The 17th symposium devoted to the study of the creative heritage of the... .
Photo credit: USA students will learn Russian in Barnaul city situated on the western banks of the Ob River in the Altai Krai region of Siberia, IA Altai Pravda reports. 10 students from Hobart and William Smith Colleges were placed in local... .
Photo credit: Russian volleyball players became the winners of the League of Nations, which was held in Chicago. In the final, the Russians beat the hosts with a score of 3-1. Russian team won the first League of Nations in 2018, which replaced the World League, TASS... .