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Photo credit: The Russian Autumn Culture Festival is held in Hong Kong, TASS reports. It was organized by compatriots from the local Russian club. One of the central events of the program is an art exhibition. It works in the... .
Photo credit: A Week of the Russian language is being held in Hungary, the Russian Education website reports. It is included in the program of educational expeditions organized with the assistance of the Ministry of Education. The... .
Photo credit: The capital of Romania hosts the Days of Russian Culture, TASS reports. According to the Ambassador of the Russian Federation Valery Kuzmin, the festival, which was already the ninth in a row, has turned into a large, wide open... .
Photo credit: The international Golden Mask program opens on Friday, October 18, according to RIA Novosti. The first festival will be held in Estonia. Russian performance groups bring their most interesting works for the past fifteen years. Tallinn... .
Photo credit: The Theater Baltic Festival opens on Friday, October 18, in the capital of Latvia. It is the second time that the House of Moscow has been accepting it. It is supported by the Russkiy Mir Foundation. The festival unites... .