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Site for Controversial Skyscraper in St. Petersburg to Be Moved
 Dec 10, 2010

St. Petersburg Governor Valentina Matviyenko said on Thursday the construction site for a divisive 400-meter skyscraper will be moved, RIA Novosti reports.

Plans by Russia's gas giant Gazprom to erect a needle-like tower, derisively dubbed Gazoscraper, next to the 18th century Smolny Cathedral prompted fierce public opposition in the country's second largest city. Downtown St. Petersburg is a UNESCO world heritage site and critics say the Okhta Center will ruin the city's unique low-rise skyline.

"We have talked to Gazprom and made a joint and final decision to move the project to another site," Matviyenko said. She did not say exactly where it would be built, only adding that there will be "thorough consultations" on the issue with the city's urban development committee and other expert groups. "When a decision is made, we will submit it to a public discussion," she said.

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