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Svetlana Smetanina Today, nearly 11 thousand Syrian schoolchildren study the Russian language. Instructors for these students are trained in the Russian Language Department of Damascus University, where our compatriot Svetlana Rodygin teaches. She also participated in the Russkiy Mir Foundation anniversary conference. In an interview, she tells us how things have worked out for Russian women who have found themselves in Syria during these difficult wartimes.  Svetlana Rodygina (left) in the studio of the Syrian Ministry of Education Teaching Channel Svetlana Rodygina is a philologist and...

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Subject: RussianLanguage

Sergei Vinogradov From an early age the famous explorer Matvey Shparo has followed in the steps (or more accurately, the ski trails) of his legendary father Dmitry Shparo, whose records expanded the boundaries of human ability. Matvey has completed dozens of unique arctic expeditions on skis, made it into the Guinness Book of World Records, and earned national awards. In an interview with Russkiy Mir the explorer told us that the Arctic is for him a love and a challenge. – Many encyclopedias call you a polar explorer. Is this a fair definition, considering the fact that you’ve made...

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Subject: Travel

Anna Genova The heart and soul of the Russian Children’s World association in London, Karina Karmenian, strives to combine her challenging maternal duties with her work as an organizer of many cultural projects directed at a special audience: children and adults interested in preserving the Russian language for communication and cultural purposes and in developing bilingualism in the children and adolescents with Russian roots growing up in London. Karina agreed to tell Russkiy Mir about the “difficulties in translation” that their parents run into. And of course, she surprised us with her very first...

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Subject: Education

Inessa Filatova For the past eighteen years, Dutch journalist Remco Reiding has been searching out relatives of the 865 Soviet prisoners-of-war who are buried at the Soviet Field of Honor memorial cemetery in Leusden, not far from Amersfoort. After years of painstaking work he has so far managed to find the families of 199 Soviet soldiers who were thought to be missing in action. A correspondent from Russkiy Mir spoke with Remco Reiding about this work and how it has changed his life. Remco Reiding has been awarded the title of knight in his native Holland, and in Russia he has received an award from the Ministry of Defense...

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Sergei Vinogradov Anatoly Solovyev has spent more time in open space than any other resident of Earth. He exited his ship sixteen times while in orbit, spending a total of over three full days of his life in open space. On the eve of Cosmonauts’ Day Anatoly Solovyev told us about breakthroughs in the study of outer space, the prospects of colonizing the Moon or Mars, and why we need to study astronomy in school. - Astronomy is being brought back into the school curriculum. Is that the right thing to do? - It’s certainly the right thing. Every year since they removed it, I’ve been speaking wherever possible about the...

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Subject: Space

The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to the Kingdom of the Netherlands Alexander Shulgin speaks with a journalist of Russkiy Mir about the present and the future of the bilateral Russian-Dutch relations, the “Nexit”, the Russian hackers and the compatriots in the Netherlands. - Mr. Shulgin, you arrived to the Netherlands at a period that was not easy for the Russian-Dutch relations. Introduction of the sanctions, accusations of involvement into the crash of the Malaysian aircraft. What tasks did you have at that time? - The main task for any ambassador is to promote...

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Subject: Politics


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Kharms film by Ivan Bolotnikov won two awards at XX International Film Festival, TASS reports. Expert jury acknowledged this movie the best one in nominations for the Best Scenario and the Best Cinematographer’s Work. The gala awarding ceremony was held in Shanghai Grand...
Vancouver, WA celebrated 80th anniversary of the first transarctic flight from USSR to USA performed by the crew of Valery Chkalov, TASS informs. Russian Consul General to Seattle Valery Timashev, Consulate representatives, acting Vancouver Mayor Anne McEnerny-Ogle, Deputy Head of...
Russian President Vladimir Putin has visited Artek Summer Camp, TASS informs. The camp administration has shown a model of renovated part of the camp and also answered president’s questions on the reconstruction results. The Russian government has allocated 11 billion rubles (almost 2...
Foreign participants of the World Festival of Youth and Students to take place in Sochi this autumn will get free Russian visas, according to TASS. Answering reporters’ questions, the Head of the International Youth Cooperation Committee of the Russian Federation Grigory Petushkov...
The oldest educational institution of the Netherlands, Leiden University was presented with a facsimile edition of The Illustrated Chronicle of Ivan the Terrible, as Inessa Filatova advised to the Russkiy Mir Foundation. A multi-volume edition is an illustrated chronicle of historical...