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First Youth Forum of Russian Compatriots held in Ankara

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First Youth Forum of Russian Compatriots held in Ankara


Flickr/KLMirceaYouth Forum for Russian compatriots has concluded in Ankara, RIA Novosti reports. It was held for the first time.

According to the head of the Coordinating Council of Organizations of Russian Compatriots in Turkey Maria Sorokina, representatives of societies from different cities and unofficial leaders took part in the forum.

Besides, the Turkish youth studying Russian was invited too. Young people talked about their everyday activities, shared their experience in solving current tasks and new ideas at the round table. They also visited sport sections, libraries in Russian and many other things.

The Forum was dedicated to the annual country’s conference of Organizations of Russian Compatriots in Turkey. As per new Russian Ambassador to Ankara Alexei Erkhov, this event is one of the most important activities of the year for Russian natives living in Turkey.

Forum participants discussed plans of their work for the next year. Preparation of lectures about the jubilee of the Great October Revolution, popularization of the Russian language among compatriots and advancement of education in Russian language were touched upon. Visitors also talked about possibilities of participation of Organizations of Russian Compatriots in development of Russian-Turkish ties in economics and business, including collaboration with Russian regions and other topics.

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